Originally from NYC’s Mafia Borough, Jessica has lived in North, Central, and South Jersey and knows her way around South Beach public housing. Yes, Central Jersey exists. No, not *that* South Beach.

Jessica is a 2023 graduate of Cedar Crest College’s Pan-European Creative Writing MFA. Currently she is a poetry reader and editorial board member for Nimrod International Journal and a creative writing educational guide to incarcerated students with College Guild. In addition, she has recently begun a new role as Arts Editor for Upper New Review. Formerly she was an accent coach, radio DJ, international backpacker, wife that one time for that one year, lifeguard / hero, church choir singer, bus person, sensitive document translator, but always, always, your friend.

Jessica is a graduate of the Fine and Performing Arts Center, NJ (Film/Video HS Diploma), Rutgers University, NJ (BA English), and The New School, NY (MA TESOL). Such educational achievements put her, a woman with opinions, in league with the devil and so far so good. She enjoys short walks on the beach and is interested in sex and death, horror and comedy, and the surreal, in poetry and in all things.

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